InTraGer International Trading Germany Import / Export Business worldwide

InTraGer International Trading Germany Import / Export was founded in 2017 in Wolfsburg by Glenda Brigitte Bouzek. A second branch is in Ingolstadt. We are a family orientated company with roots in Germany and South Africa. Our business and specialty is international trade in wine, spirits, aloe vera and lifestyle products. InTraGer exports your products to foreign customers worldwide and helps you with the planning of marketing strategies  in the target regions. We import your goods to Germany and work with our sales partners throughout Europe to ensure that your goods are widely distributed.

Our core markets are South Africa, Europe, Asia and USA.

The service from InTraGer International Trading Germany covers the entire process from sourcing through customs and logistics to the professional storage of your goods at the target destination. We maintain contacts with various partner companies that offer us bonded warehouses and picking services. In addition, our extensive network extends into the sales channels for trade and marketing partners who sell your goods to both large customers and retailers.

Glenda Brigitte Bouzek – Founder and CEO

Glenda was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. She gained many years of experience as a specialist and manager in the field of personnel management and retail operations at Pick´n Pay Retail Stores, one of the largest supermarket chains in South Africa. Further positions as managing director, business consultant and founder in the areas of banking, real estate, wine, agriculture, hotel and catering, as well as logistics and service followed in her career.

In 2008 Glenda emigrated to Germany and continued her education in business and project management. She worked in the automotive industry for a while and did coordination of international projects at Volkswagen.

From 2013 to 2017, her center of life moved to Pune in India. During this time, an extensive network in Southeast Asia has emerged that today makes InTraGer a respected partner with a good insight knowledge of the global market. The international network that has grown over many years enables InTraGer to build and expand a sustainable retail chain for our customers according to individual requirements.